Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Hale Family Reunion 2008

We went to the Hale family reunion this weekend, and it was so much fun the kids and adults all had a blast. We went to a sod farm in Wellsville that has 2 water slip and slides that go down a big hill. The kids were up and down the slides all day Sat. and then by that afternoon it was all the adults turn to show the kids how it was really done...lol So the first adult to go down was Uncle Danny. He came down like a pro....ok...ok.. He might have screamed like a little girl but that was only the first couple that he did that on....lol Then it was Kevins turn and no he didn't scream like a girl he just might have said a few choice words on the way down. But what I thought was really funny is that Dannys granddaughter Brooklyn said to Kevin, "After the first couple times you don't scream any more"....lol I think she is 10 I just thought that was really funny. OH and then it was Liz's turn she was so funny on her way down she fell back and couldn't sit back up so when she made it to the bottom she needed a little help up. But hey, she went I think 3 more times. She was also able to talk Aunt Jill into going down, and I don't know what she was thinking to go up with Danny and Kevin because Danny ended up pushing her down the slide. Aren't husbands great?...lol Well then we got everyone else going down and they were all trying to see who could go the farthest. Then they started making trains. Let's just say we all had a lot of fun watching everyone flying down the slide. After everyone was finished with the slides we had our pot luck dinner and then Kristi's Boyfriend (who is a DJ) Brought all of his stuff and we had a dance. Kevin and Launa got out there and were dancing and BrynLee and Brookel (Mindys little girl) were dancing together. ofcourse Kyler was out there shaking his thing, And busting some moves, showing them all how it's done. Everyone got out there eventully. It was really fun untill the rain started, than everyone ran for cover and most of the kids went to bed even though the rain only lasted for 10 mins. This morning we all packed up and went home. But we had a blast and I think we might be going back next year.

Hale Reunion Aug. 2008

All the kids going up to go down the slide again

Braxten I swear went on that slide 100 times he was up and down all day long.

Braxten and BrynLee were having alot of fun on the slide.

Braxten and Kyler right after they went down the slide together

Now it's the "Big" kids turn.
Uncle Danny coming down on his belly because he said "you go so much farther on your belly!!"

Grandpa Kevin coming down the slide, Uncle Danny talked him into going on his belly

Liz decided she couldn't let Danny show her up so she went down the slide

Liz trying to talk Jill into going. "It was really fun Jill come on"

Danny pushing Jill down the hill (What are husbands for?)

Jill had to have her turn down the slide wether she wanted it or not...lol

"Babe" Watch here I come....lol Becky was in her swim suit more then she was anything else.

Becky and Jackie

Becky and Tina flying down!!

Becky, Teresa, Mindy and Danny (Danny was trying to hold them all and slipped and came flying down behind them)

Josh and Braxten coming down the slide

Grandpa Kevin took Kyler down the slide and Kyler wasn't sure what to think but he didn't "cry".

Kyler wanted to play on the slide just not go down the slide again...lol

Monday, August 25, 2008

Braxten wanted a nap...lol

On the day before school things didn't happen as I had hoped. We went to my mom and dads for my dads 50th Birthday party and so we didn't get Braxten to bed as early as I had hoped. So I new the 1st day after school was going to be a melt down because Braxten didn't get the sleep he needed. So Braxten had his little "BIG" Meltdown when it was almost bed time you know the usual, "I never get to do anything, you're mean, I'm hungry I never get to eat anything." But after he got that all out of his system we were able to go in his room and he said his prayers and I read him a story. When I was giving him his kiss goodnight he said "I am so tired, school is all day did you know that 'ALL DAY'". I told him "yeah I know that is why you have to go to bed early." Then he told me "Yeah I was so tired at school that I almost said to my teacher 'excuse me but can we have nap time?" I couldn't do anything but laugh what other 6 year old would be asking for a nap on their first day of school, they all might want it but how many would admit it?...lol I just thought that was really funny. He just says some of the funniest things. He is quite the clown. But the next day he did finally start telling me how much fun he was having at school.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

First day of school!!

Today is Braxten's first day of 1st Grade and boy is he excided. We went to Back To School Night last night and he met his teacher, Mrs. Whittier. She seems really nice and another really good thing is he has Gorgia (she lives in our subdivision) in his class again this year so he already knows someone. It has been a really crazy first of the year though, because our kids all have to go to a new school this year. Instead of going to Nibley they are getting bussed to River Heights. We didn't get anything from the school until this Tuesday, which was the day before Back To School Night, I have felt quite in the dark. But I hope the rest of the year goes great. Braxten is so excited to be able to stay all day and eat lunch at school. This morning he got ready so fast he still had 20 min. before it was time to catch the bus so he wanted to practice his reading, I can only hope he will stay this excited about homework...lol

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

UDSF Talent Show @ Lagoon

At about 5:30 that night we all met back at the pavillion and got to watch the kid in a talent show, it was so much fun to watch. Lets just say there was alot of dancing with music from Hanna Montana and High School Musical. We saw Hanna Montana a couple times and some of the boys were really busting a move. Kyler was trying to get out there to show them his moves so I had to hold him back. But thank goodness they decided at the end to let anyone who wanted to go out and dance, dance. So as most of you know Kyler went out and danced and so did our friend Bennet. Kyler also found a friend that was getting really crazy it kinda made me a little nervous when he picked him up, but I think Kyler was cramping his style because he couldn't jump around while he was holding him so he handed him back not long after he picked him up. Kyler loved it though. I would really have to say we had so much fun at Lagoon.

UDSF Lagoon Day

Well we had a really great time yesterday we went to UDSF Lagoon day and the kids had a blast and so did I. We got there at 11:30 am and we were there until 10:30 pm, it was a really long and fun day. I didn't see much of Braxten because he doesn't ride the "Baby rides" so he went off with Drew and some friends to ride the "BIG" rides. I took Kyler and BrynLee on their rides and it was so much fun they both loved everything, but Kyler did not like when the rides were over. I got head butted all day long I would have to tell Kyler do you want to go on more and then he would stop flipping out. BrynLee was so good with Kyler making sure he didn't climb out and that he was having fun it made me really proud to see that I didn't even have to ask her to watch him she just did it. The really crazy thing was that my kids were good the whole day we didn't have any major melt downs like I was expecting. But once we hit the car they were all asleep before we left the parking lot.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hogle Zoo

The kids and I went to the zoo yesterday with our neighbors Shelley and Warren and their family. The kids had alot of fun and it was even nice and cool so the animals were out and playing. First we went and ate lunch over where the black bears are and they were out playing and wrestling with each other everyone thought that was cool. We also got to see the cougar jumping around. Kyler was signing up a storm: Zebra, Bear, Lion, Penguin, Monkey, Gorilla, Bird, Elephant, Lepard, Fish, Alagator, Sheep and Giraff. He loved it When we were over by the Elephants we met a family with a little boy who is 5 with Down Syndrome, from West Jordan. It's always nice to meet new friends. Their kids are so cute. They also told me about a "Camp Magic" that they are trying to get together for kids 12 and older with Down Syndrome. It sounds like it will be alot of fun. After we made it about half way around the zoo we let the kids all play at the park while us parents sat and rested a while. Then continued on and went and saw the rest of the zoo. The last animals we saw were the Giraffs, they have a baby and it is so cute. Now that we were all tired and Braxten was hungery, again. The kids and I went to McDonalds and ate and they played for a while before we came home and we all crashed.