Monday, September 21, 2009

Pictures of Kinley

We noticed that when ever we look at pictures we have taken there are not many of Kinley. I think it's because for one we aren't taking as many pictures, now that our hands are a little fuller, and the one taking pictures is also the one holding Kinley. So I thought I would do a little slide show with some old and new pictures of Kinley so you all know we haven't forgotten about her. Notice how her dark hair dissapears as she is getting older. And how cute and chubby she is. She is my biggest baby and I am loving every min. of it. She is a very happy baby unless it's time to eat then watch out unless you have her food ready...lol She is a little jabber box and keeps thinking that she needs to start getting mobile and isn't letting me talk her out of it. I love being able to have my few hours in the morning when all the other kids are in school to be with just her. Well enjoy the pictures.

UDSF Lagoon Day

Early Hedstart last visit

1st day of school

Braxten started 2nd grade and is doing great.
BrynLee started Kindergarten and she said it is her "most favorite thing to do" so she likes it..lol
Kyler is still in Preschool and is doing really well this year. Kyler is liking the bus alot more this year!!!Yea. And yes I know his backpack is the same size as he is.