Monday, March 15, 2010

Videos of Kyler

Can I just tell you this kid cracks me up at least a few times a day.


It was so sad but Kinley woke up with one eye sealed shut. But as you can see it didn't even bother her. I told Josh I was going to go get the cammera and he said "your so mean" I just said "I just think its so funny that she is so happy".
So here is the before.

And the after.

Tinkerbell W/ Disney On Ice

Disney on ice

On Sat. we took Braxten and BrynLee to Disney On Ice. They had a lot of fun, but I think us going to Dineyland last summer trained our kids to not ask for us to buy anything, "it's to much $ dang it". Well while we were there Josh wanted to see how much a bag of popcorn was so he asked the guy, and Braxten told Josh "Mom said we aren't buying anything"...lol and just for the record the popcorn was $4.50. Anyway we had alot of fun I kinda wish we would have taken Kyler though I thought he might get board but it was so fast paced and lots of music I think he would have been just fine and would have loved it.. oh well it was nice to spend time with just the older 2. There was no diaper bag, no bottles, no harness, and no crying...lol Here are a few pictures of Disney On Ice.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I got to meet 2 stars last night

I was able to meet with 2 of the stars from this short video last night #7 and #8. I was lucky enough to have been asked to go pick up Emily (#8) on my way to a meeting last night and spend about 1hr. with her just getting to know her and telling her about my family. I was really touched by this video and wanted to share it. I also noticed that #5 was in High School Musical 3.

Values.com | Pass it On TV Spots Special Athlete

Values.com | Pass it On TV Spots Special Athlete

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kinley walking and talking

Here's a few little videos of Kinley

Kinleys 1st Birthday

Now for Kinleys 1st B-day We weren't able to really do anything big. BrynLee had been sick for a few days and Josh's mom had to suddenly fly out to Wisconsin, Josh's sister was in labor 5 weeks early, the baby missed being born on Kinleys B-day by less then 10 mins...lol But Braxten and BrynLee really wanted us to do something for her birthday so I just bought Little Debbie heart shaped cakes and we did that. Then on Wills B-day that Sunday we gave her another cake this one was Chocolate...lol So she got that really 1st B-day mess..I forgot my cammera but I took some with my moms I just need to get the pictures. It was great we put Kyler and Kinley next to each other after because they both looked like it was their 1st time eating cake, they were covered.

Good bye wall

So now to other things we have been up to. 1st we decided to take the wall that seperated our dining area and living room out. We started that on my B-day Jan.9th and we are still not all the way finished with everything. We still need to paint. But I just think it is pretty funny how eaisy it is to get alot of guys to help when there is distrution involved...lol We started bye Josh and the kids breaking a little bit of the wall with a hammer but that took way to long so we tod Braxten he could karate kick the wall out and thats just what he did one sheet of sheet rock at a time and in no time there was just the 2x4's left. When we started putting Braxten and BrynLee to work hauling stuff out to the truck they disapeard to their friend Alex's house. Funny how that works...lol We locked Kyler in our room to watch Signing Time and put Kinley in her high chair to keep them all out of the way. I just thought it was so funny that Kinley would sit in the chair for hrs. just watching what was going on. The only time she wasn't in her chair was nap time and then rigt back into her chair but she loved it. Will came over and helped fill all the holes with sheet rock and mud. Will doesn't need a later to reach the ceiling like the rest of us, so he could get it done alot quicker. It is so nice having the wall out now there is so much more room. Now if we can just get the walls painted and the kitchen floor re-done everything will be great.

Oh and Kyler got glasses. He will wear them great at school and when he is home if we are busy doing something like puzzels or coloring. But other than that he will take them off and either hand them o me or throw them at me. Hey at least he leaves them alone when he needs them.

Here are all the pics

Lots to catch up on

I don't know why I have had such a hard time updating but here we go. Well we have been really busy since my last post. Kyler and I got to go meet Sarah Palin, Kinley's 1st Christmas, went Iceskating as a family for the 1st time, Ripped a wall out of our house, Kinley had her 1st B-day and she also started walking. So I'll fill you in on some details and I'll have a few slide shows that captured our lives for the past few months.

Ok lets start with meeting Sarah Palin. So I got a call from a guy that is putting together a camp for families with kids with Down syndrome. He told me that they got VIP passes to go see Sarah Palin at her book signing and wanted to know if I wanted to come with Kyler. Of course I said yes. I didn't follow all the political stuff, for me it was to be able to meet another mother that has a big platform to be able to advocate for our kids and alot of people listen. So 1st thing I did was call "Cookie Cutters" in Ogden, this is the only place I can get Kylers haircut and he doesn't freak out. (Kyler had a little Donald Trump hair going on...lol) So we were able to get his haircut before we went and saw Sarah. When we got down there Kyler had fallen asleep, which could be a good or bad thing because I had a 50/50 chance of him waking up happy. So I let him sleep until they took us back to the curtain behind where Sarah would be signing her books. We met up with about 4 other families, but Kyler was the youngest one. While we are waiting I start hearing people cheering and I knew Sarah was coming so I started waking Kyler up and "He woke up happy" Yeah! So they asked us to come out to meet Sarah. As we walked out Sarah was sitting at the table and had started signing books for the people that had been waiting in line. As soon as she saw all of us with our kids she stood up and told her husband to get Trig, her little boy with DS. She went to everyone of us to shake our hands and talk for a min. But when she came to Kyler and I she just stopped. You could tell we were just a little more alike she could related with me because Kyler was a lot closer to Triggs age.

Sarah -"How old is he?"
Me -"3 1/2"
Sarah -"Is he walking yet?"
Me -"No, he's running...lol"
Sarah -"Really? Can he say any words yet?"
Me -"Yes he can say a few words but he mostly signs. He can sign over 200 words." Sarah -"Really? Trig can sign about 8 and he is 18 month."
Me -"Well Kyler didn't even start signing until he was 18 months."
Sarah -"Really?" (With Hope in her voice)
Then Kyler grabed my face with his hands on my cheeks and turned my face to his, like he always does when he wants my attention and said "Mum". Sarah started laughing and said "Trig does the same thing to me". Then one of the people from the book signing table came and said "Sarah you have to come and start signing people have been standing in line for 15 hrs. She told me she was sorry and told us all thanks for coming. Right after she walked away Kyler grabbed my face again and said "Mum" I said "What?" and he pointed to the big poster of the front of Sarahs book and looked at me confused. So I said "Yeah that's Sarah" and Kyler looked at me and said "Darah!" I just started laughing, see he can talk when he wants too. After we were all done with Sarah a mom and daughter from our group were being interviewed by Ch 4. After they were done with the interveiw the reporter came over to us and was asking how old Kyler was and as I was telling her Kyler dove to her for a hug. She was so excited and Kyler was snugling with her for a few mins. she said my youngest is 10 he wont let me do this anymore. When the reporter went to hand Kyler back to me Kyler dove to the camera man with the big camera on his shoulder. He hurry and set the camera on the floor and said "Oh, I get one too? Sweet!" So Kyler loved on him for a while then it was my turn...lol
This whole thing was so cool. It's just so much fun to meet with other parents and even better when you can give hope to parents that are still trying to figure this whole thing out. We were just very lucky to have all the positive support we have had so far with Kyler joining our family. It has been a journey don't get me wrong but I wouldn't change anything about it so far.

OK sorry so long but this is my Journal too..lol
Ok so next came Christmas 2009.

So it was Kinleys 1st Christmas and we had plenty of Christmas parties as we always do, the week of Christmas. But we love them and the kids have a blast. Oh and right before we went to Josh's parents for their party Christmas Eve Kinley pulled the rubbermaid that holds all the wrapping paper on top of her. Which she has done about 20 times in the month of Dec. and never got hurt. But this time it ripped the top of her nose up. Just in time to take Christmas morning pictures...lol
But Christmas morning BrynLee was the first one up at 2:30 am yes that is right 2:30 AM. So She came and woke me up to tell me everything she got and I just told her "Bryn I don't care if you look at your stuff for a little while but nothing noisy (yeah right) and when your done go back to bed or your going to be tired when everyone else gets up for the day" She told me ok as she ran out of my room. I fell back to sleep and then I hear "Mom" in that loud whisper kids love to wake you up with. I looked at the clock and now it was 3:00 and now it was Braxten with BrynLee behind him wide eyed. I said "What Brax?" "Santa came and brought...." So I just told them "I know you are both excited but me and dad are really tired and we will see everything after we wake up. But for right now you can go and look at your stuff if your quiet. But if you wake up Kyler or Kinley you will both be in big trouble." (I know all of you parents have had to have been there and if you haven't you will be...lol) So I fell back to sleep again just to be woke up at 4:00 to them playing 'not quietly'. So I finally got up and told them it was time to go back to bed. So they wouldn't be tired when we went to grandma Barbara's house. I went back to bed. When I finally was able to wake up on my own I went to check on the kids and I couldn't find BrynLee anywhere so I looked to see if Braxten was in his bed and there they were. They really do like each other when no one is looking...lol We had a lot of fun opening presents at home. A little later we went to my parents and snuck my dads gun cabinet in my parents house, that we re-finished for him (my grandpa made it over 25 yrs. ago) We had a really fun Christmas but man was I glad when it was over.

OK next Iceskating

So we went Iceskating a few days after Christmas. I was really suprised with how well Kyler could stand in his skates. Braxten did pretty well until he started getting a little to confident and going to fast. The faster you go the harder you crash...lol He found that out the hard way. BrynLee was a chicken but after we rented a walker type thing for the ice, she was doing alot better. I took Kyler out and held him in front of me like you would when your teaching them to walk and just held his hands and he did pretty well and loved it. Josh was doing ok, him and BrynLee were in the same boat for a while. But then BrynLee got the walker thing and took off...lol And Josh just wanted to make it around without killing himself, he told me. But over all we had fun, we didn't have any broken bones just a few bruises.

Here are all the pics.