Wednesday, April 21, 2010

UDSF Egg Hunt 2010

On Sat. April 17th we had our Egg Hunt. We had a great turn out. We had about 10 families and 2 new families to add to the family. We all love being able to get our baby fix by holding these cute little babies. Thank you to everyone that came I know my family had a great time. I love being able to talk with all of you.

Spring Break

Braxten ran his 1st 5k April 3rd. He did great he ran it in 28 min. with grandma and Karli. The poor kid when he was coming over the finish line looked like he was going to die...lol He comes up to me and said "mom my legs feel like noodles, can I go in the building and sit down?" So he went inside and after a few min. I went to go find him and there were 2 people sitting insidethat had just ran the 5K, and they asked Braxten "Did you just run the 1 mile?" Braxten looked at me and smiled and I told them "No he just ran the 5K." They looked at him in surprise "Oh so how long as he been training?" so I told them "Well the other day he asked his grandma if he could go running with her and they ran 2.7 miles so she asked him if he wanted to run the 5K with her. That's about it." After we got home Braxten rode his bike, scooter, walked around the block twice, jumped on the trap. and just played. Man I wish I had half of that energy...lol Good job Braxten we are very proud of you!

That next was Spring Break so we went to Baby Animal Days with Shelley and her family and the kids had a great time. While we were looking at th ducks the Valley Channel was there and they had the kids hold the ducks for the camera.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Playing at the Park

The other day we got a little spring fever and learned that just because the sun is out doesn't mean that it's going to be all that warm outside...lol it wouldn't have been to bad if the wind would have quit blowing. Oh well the kids still had fun. We took the kids scooters and Kyler and Braxten rode theirs almost the whole time we were there and Kinley and BrynLee played.
Here is a little video of Kyler on his scooter.

Kyler rode his scooter all the way up this hill I can't help but be so darn proud of him. He loves his new scooter.

Braxten Loved this thing.

Yes that is a rock in her mouth. I guess it helps with the teething process...lol

BrynLee is such a good big sister this is Kinleys first time up the playground to go down the slide and she loved it.

This park had a really fun see-saw thing it was kinda fun one really good thing I liked about it is when it's your turn to go down you don't get that big bang on your bum...lol Oh the good old days when your body could take what ever came your way...lol

Kinley climbed to the tallest part of the playgroud by herself but then didn't know what to do when she got there.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Crazy Week

Well it's been a crazy week 1st on Friday and Saturday, March 26 & 27, I was in Salt Lake for a (UDSF) Utah Down Syndrome Foundation President meeting. We met for dinner Fri. night and had the meeting from 8-3 Sat.. My mom and my aunt went with me so I didn't have to stay in a hotel in Salt Lake by my self. So after dinner Fri. we went to a few stores and at about 11 we went and checked into the hotel. The crazy thing was though was that my mom and my aunt were so tiered that they had quite the case of the giggles and were being crazy. We were getting all sorts of looks from people trying to figure out what was going on..lol

Then after my UDSF meeting I had to get home so I could make it to the Youg Womens Conference at our Stake Center. So I made it with about 5 min. to spare. Mean while, while I was down at my meetings Josh was home trying to get my kitchen floor done, with Kinley helping him...lol

On Sunday we were suppost to be going to Joshs Parents for Kevins Birthday before church (Seeing how church is from 2:30 - 5:30 now) And Braxten also had a talk we all forgot about. So we helped Braxten with his talk, ran to Kevin and Launas, came home and changed went to church, helped Braxten with his talk, ran to Young Womens and finally home.

On Mon. my sister-in-law came and helped me finish painting my walls. We painted all day, but we got done. Yeah!! And yes we had 4 kids and 3 dogs running around.

On Tuesday I ran down to SLC with some of the other leaders for the Young Womens training. It was so good. It was so neat to hear from those great Women. While we were walking back to the car the wind was blowing like crazy. We ended up hiding by the Key bank building because the wind was blowing sand and dirt and we were all in dresses and it hurt. I do wish we would have gotten pictures of all of us with our hair straight up in the air from the wind..lol The meeting was from 12-3:30 and we had Young Womens at 7 so I had time to run home and be home for about an hour and had to leave again. I finally got home at about 8:45 just in time to help Josh get the kids in bed and sit for a while.

On Wed. was Kylers 4th Birthday so I was trying to get everything all cleaned, run to the store to get treat bags for Kylers class, run them up to the school before school was over, run back to the store with Kyler and Kinley to finish getting stuff for the party, and get a cake made all before 5:30 when everyone was coming. It was really fun going to Kylers school and see all the other kids sing Kyler Happy Birthday in Sign Language and watch him hand out all of his little gift bags with his Birthday hat, that was way to big...lol

And to hear all of these little kids ask their teacher if they could give Kyler a hug to tell him Thankyou. I also thought

Kylers cake turned out really cute.

We had the whole family come over and Kyler had so much fun. He loved opening his presents he got a vaccum that he loves,a Spongebob Blanket that he loves, a Spongebob hoppy ball that he loves, a Spongebob singing birthday card that he loves.

Did I say he loves Spongebob..lol Lets just say he got alot and over half of it was Spongebob.

On Thursday and Friday Josh stayed home sick. I was trying to get everthing finished and ready for the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt that I put on and I was able to get our Church so we could have it in there not out in the snow. I have been doing this Easter Egg hunt for about 6 years and we have never had to deal with snow...lol

The kids also had fun coloring Easter Eggs.

Sat. we had our Hunt at the Church at 9:30, to go around conferance, and we had a pretty good turn out. Kinley was having so much fun and Kyler just wanted to run the halls.

Sunday started very early for me and BrynLee. She woke up at "4:30" and I do have to say she was trying to be quiet but she started caughing and couldn't stop. But she always wakes up really early on Christmas and Easter, and by early I mean early, she woke up at 2 in the morning for Christmas this last year. But all of the kids were excited and had alot of fun hunting for eggs.

We watched conferance as much as I could with kids yelling for mom and Kinley crying and so on. We went to Josh's parents at noon and had lunch and they got to hunt even more eggs. We even made it to my parents for a while. Mom gave the kids kites so they went and flew them for a while. After we got home at 9:00 I took the kids over to my neighbor, Shelley, so they could sleep over, because we had to get up and have Kyler and Kinley at the hospital by 6:30 to get tubes in their ears.

Now today we woke up Kinley and Kyler and took them right out to the van. Josh drove his car so he could go to work when we were done. When I got into the van I said "good morning" to Kyler and he was way to happy for that early in the morning, he was clapping with the radio on our way to the hospital. They were both pretty happy for getting woke up when we got up into the waiting room. They took Kyler back 1st and cleaned his ears out, put tubes in "This is his 4th set" and did a hearing test. When Kyler was in the recovery room they came and got Kinley and she didn't, even cry when they took her it was quite nice.

About 15 min. later they brought Kyler in and he was acting really well he wasn't crying and drank 2 whole sippy cups of juice. About 10 mins. after we got Kyler they brought Kinley out with her new tubes and she was really happy also, she also drank 2 sippys of juice. So we where good to go. So far everything has gone great they took a nap and everything.
So sorry it was so long but it was one crazy week and as I have said before this is my way of journaling.