Sunday, October 19, 2008

UDSF October activity 2008

Braxten and BrynLee making an art project.

Yes that is Kyler almost getting jumped on by some kid.

Thanks again Sherry for everything that you do to help us out.

BrynLee as the Bossy Kangaroo (Not that anyone could believe that...lol"

Last Saturday we went to the "Boo at the Zoo" at Willow Park Zoo, for our UDSF Activity for October. It was alot of fun the kids had a blast. They got to get all dressed up in their Halloween Costumes and they had alot of games and things for the kids to do. The theme was Horton hears a who, so they had a storytime reading that book, Braxten and BrynLee loved it, they also brought out a parrot for the kids to see. Bennet Rossers family (or should I say the 3 bears and Goldylocs) and Nathan Reeders family came. Sherry Joy (she works with the up-to-3 program and helps us out with our activities) came and walked around with our family it was nice to be able to visit with her while the kids were having fun doing the activities. There was one activity that my kids really liked, it was digging in the leaves and getting a stuffed animal. There were also alot of Halloween Decorations and Braxten being Braxten kept calling them his brother or aunt...It was really funny. Anyway over all we had a really great time.

Braxten said "Mom take a picture of me with my brother, please!!"

Then with this one he said "Mom take my picture with my mom and dad" Little turd

And sorry Ashley. At this one he went running up and yelled "Hi, aunt Ashley. Mom take my picture with my aunt." I know he is a brat...lol

Here are the 3 bears aka Bennet Rossers family.


I thought this picture was really funny. Lets just say we wore the kids out. I really liked this picture of Kyler sleeping.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

As most of you might already know October is Down Syndrome Awareness month and alot of people are writing 21 (Trisomy 21) things they love about Down Syndrome, so I thought this would be something fun to do also.

21. I have learned that Kyler will do everything just in his own time.

20. He loves everyone unconditionaly.

19. As a family he has helped us become stronger and closer together.

18. We have made some life long friends that we would have never met if it wasn't for Down Syndrome.

17. We get to watch Signing Time about every day (If we want to of not..lol)

16. As a family we have started to learn a new laungage (Signing) *Kyler knows about 100 signs*

15. My kids are very loveing and they understand that everyone doesn't have to be the same. That some people have glasses, dark hair, brown eyes, take a little longer to walk or talk and that is ok.

14. I really love seeing Kylers smile when I've had a bad day.

13. I love how much he loves music. (He is sing the DOOO,OOO,OOO,OOO to Sugarland-All I want to do....lol)

12. I love how he loves to dance.

11. That he is not afraid of anything (It's a good and bad thing...lol)

10. How he is so much like my other kids.

9. How cute he is when he's sleeping.

8. I think it is so funny that he will yell at the dogs to shut up, if the dogs are barking he will yell "aaaahhh" with his finger pointing at them.

7. He get's that little devil look when he sees you get a diaper, and runs down the hall as fast as he can while laughing waiting for you to come and chase him.

6. I asked BrynLee what she loves about Kyler and she said "Playing with him".

5. I really love how he can make a big and tough man melt in his hands. (Kyler will go up to any man and sign grandpa and try and climb up for them to hold him and give them a great big hug.)

4. What a fighter he is when he is sick.

3. Just how dang cute he is.

2. What a big boy he is becoming.

1. What's not to love. We Love Everything About Him Especially His "Little Extra Chromosome".

Friday, October 10, 2008

More pictures from the Buddy Walk

I just found out that there are more pictures from the Buddy walk at www.alpinegarrison.com then go to gallery, then Alpine 2008, finally Logan Buddy Walk. There are some really fun pictures that they took there.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Buddy Walk Pics.

Go to the bottom of my blog page for new pics. of the Buddy Walk. I finally got a good slide show to work.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fire truck tour

Last week we went to a Early Headstart dinner and they had a Firefighter and a Fire truck there. If you don't already know Kyler isn't afraid of much and can I just tell you I had to keep holding him back so the other kids could see. What I think is really funny though is as soon as the guy was all dressed up in his fire suit Kyler went right up to him and wanted him to hold him. All the other kids his age and older wanted nothing to do with him. Braxten and BrynLee had alot of fun seeing all the different tools they use and climbing on the truck. When we were finished Kyler got mad and was having a fit he wasn't finished looking yet I guess....lol