Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baby is looking great!!!

Yesterday we went in for our 21 week ultrasound. And before you ask, I let Josh have his way we didn't find out what we are having. So let me know what your guesses are. One thing that is really great though is the baby looks great. It is the right size!!! Most of you know my last 2 kids measured small at this time, and Braxten was the only one that measured right on and he was the only one who didn't spend any time in the NICU, so I am really hoping we get to avoid the exra days in the hospital this go around. But everything looks really good. We had BrynLee (The Baby story fanatic) and Kyler (he was straped in his sroller) with us. They were really good, BrynLee loved seeing the baby on the T.V. and she just smiled when we heard the heart beat. And as for Kyler he just wanted out of the stroller so he could help the tech. with the ultrasound, Kyler was sure he wasn't doing it right...lol Well I hope you like the pictures.
This is my favorite picture.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'll clean it up, I'll clean it up!!

So I walked outside and Josh was in the house with Kyler and I come in to Josh showing me these pictures. So I told Josh that he had to re-fold the clothes, I know it shocks everyone, I ended up doing it...lol Men...lol

Ok, ok I'll clean it up.

Fall Festival @ River Heights

Yes those little feet you see under that kid are Kylers. I had to keep yelling at other peoples kids because they kept jumping on him.

Josh waiting in line for 20 min. waiting for the pizza to come.

BrynLee with her train of "mothers". They are the neighbor kids they always take her under their wing....lol

Kyler was having a great time.

Yes that is Braxten trying to get this little girl to go with him, he really reminds me of his father....lol

On Friday we went to River Heights for a festival, it is their only fundraiser for the year. They had alot of things for the kids to do, almost to much, we couldn't get the kids to leave. But they had alot of fun.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I got Tagged

10 years ago:
1. I was 16
2. I had just moved from Perry UT to Wellsville
3. I started at Mt. Crest High school
4. I had met Josh for the first time at the Wellsville Founders day dance (Who whould have guessed how far that would have gone...lol)
5. Trying to meet new friends

5 things on today's "to do" list:
1. Take a shower before Kyler wakes up
2. Laundry
3. Go to the bank
4. Help Braxten with his homework
5. Get kids to bed by 8 with no arguing...Nice wish isn't it...lol

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Chips and salsa
2. Chocolate
3. Goldfish Crackers
4. Ice Cream
5. Veggies and ranch

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. Buy a new car for me and Josh
2. Bigger house with land
3. Have no debt...that's kinda a given I think
4. Donate alot to alot of charities
5. Josh and I have always wanted to just be able to drive a new car, all paid for, and give it to someone we know is needing help so it's just one thing that they don't have to worry about.

5 places I have lived:
1. Utah - Perry
2. Montana
3. Utah - Perry
4. Oregon - Mc Ranch
5. Utah - Wellsville

5 jobs I have had:
1. Kathy's Cafe
2. Lots of babysitting
3. Pizza Plus
4. Bridgerland Animal Hospital
5. Mores

I tag Kenna, Tiffany

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Buddy Walk 2008

We had our UDSF Cache County Buddy Walk yesterday and it was so much fun. We ended up having about 100 people there all together and we got to meet a few people that we have never met before. It started a little late because we needed to have walkers to do the walk so we started our walk at 11:45 instead of 11 as planed but other than that I think everything went great. (I don't really think that was even that big of a deal) While we were on our walk Kyler loved it, he wasn't in a stroller. He got to walk or should I say run!! We had the Sky View Cheerleaders all around the walk cheering the kids on and giving them high 5. After we went on our walk we had lunch, hamburgers and hot dogs (Thanks Chache Valley Womens Center). After lunch the kids all went and played games (fish pond, pick a duck, sawdust dig,and bean bag toss),face painting, decorated crowns (Thanks Burger King), and decorated sugar cookies. One of the things that a lot of the kids "and adults" thought were cool was we had a few Star Wars characters come and pose for pictures. I know Kyler loved them and so did Benett. Kyler wouldn't leave them alone he wanted to give them 5 and kept signing grandpa to them. We also had a raffle with almost to many prizes. We were there for quite a while trying to get everything given away. I thought everything went great and all of our volunteers, Sky View Cheerleaders, Kim (who works with Jonnie, sorry I can't remember her last name), and all of my family and friends. And for sure all of the people who came we had a great time. I would also like to thank Suzie Smith and her family for coming up and for the Teddy Bears the UDSF donated for the raffle.
P.S. If you didn't see I tried to do a slide show of all the pics but it didn't work very well it is cutting the right side of the picture. But I will try to get that fixed.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Kyler in the News Paper

On Wed. Sept. 3, 2008 The Herold Journal came and interviewed Josh and I, Jonnie and Ashley Rosser, Jodi Lundberg and Naydean Park. They wanted to interview us about beening a parent of a child with Down Syndrome and what our lives are like now. It was also to help promote the upcoming Buddy walk. The one thing I didn't like though is that they wouldn't send the photographer to the interview to take pics. of all the kids playing together the didn't want it "staged". Which I don't get how that is staged they were just playing with eachother. Hello have you ever tried to pose two 5 year olds and a 2 year old, expecially with Down Syndrome, yeah right, if they don't want to do it it isn't happening...lol But what do I know..lol I just really wanted pics of more than 1 kid with Down Syndrome for this story. Well oh well I guess I don't run the news paper. You can go to www.hjnews.com and see Kyler today at least. I don't know how long they will have him on there. Well here's the article.

By Devin Felix
Friday, September 5, 2008 1:19 AM CDT
Five years ago, Johnnie Rosser was excited about the birth of his first son — he expected a vibrant, healthy, athletic young boy.

When Bennett was born with Down syndrome, Rosser’s heart sank.

“I felt pretty sorry for myself at first,” he said. “My initial reaction was, I thought I was going to be raising a vegetable.”

But as he learned more about Down syndrome, his spirits lifted. He knew he and his wife, Ashley, would face different challenges in raising their son, but that they would love him just the same.

Looking for help and support, the Rossers joined the Cache County chapter of the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation, encouraged that Bennett would be able to grow and learn as well, Ashley Rosser said.

Now, five years later, Bennett is an active kindergarten student and his parents participate in the Down Syndrome Foundation for the sake of other parents as much as for themselves. They’ve become friends with parents such as Maria and Josh Leishman, with their 2-year-old, Kyler, and Jodi Lundberg and her 5-year-old son, Kendrick.

Johnnie Rosser said he hopes the group will be there to support the parents of newborns with Down syndrome. Becoming new parents under any circumstances can be difficult, and the situation can be even more overwhelming when a child has a disability.

The group helps people know what to expect as their children grow and cope with medical problems — a high percentage of children born with Down syndrome have heart or respiratory problems.

“When they’re first born you have no idea what to expect,” Johnnie Rosser said.

Leishman, the president of the

Cache County chapter said she sends out about 50 newsletters each month and about 10 families participate in activities for the group.

The purposes of the foundation are provide each other support and increase awareness and acceptance of Down syndrome. To accomplish that, the group will have a buddy walk Sept. 13. Buddy walks were started by the National Down Syndrome Society in 1995 to promote acceptance and understanding of the condition.

The buddy walk will be at 11 a.m. at Ryan’s Place Park, 500 South and 600 East in River Heights. After walking around the block, participants will take part in volleyball, fishing ponds, games and other crafts. More than $1,500 in prizes donated by merchants will be given out in a raffle. Leishman said everyone is invited to take part.

NayDean Park, whose 30-year-old daughter, Kathleen Daily, has Down syndrome, said she commends parents like the Leishmans and Rossers for working to promote understanding.

When Kathleen was born, Park said few people understood Down syndrome. She had to fight to get her daughter included at school and she worked to get legislation approved that would benefit disabled people, she said.

Park advised the young parents to enjoy raising their children.

“There’s a journey ahead that is so exciting,” she said. “It’s challenging, it’s frustrating, but it is so rewarding.”

Down syndrome is a disorder that affects one in every 733 babies, according to the National Down Syndrome Society Web site. It occurs when a baby has three, rather than the normal two, copies of the 21st chromosome. It causes cognitive delays, decreased muscle stature and other problems. The life expectancy of people with Down syndrome has increased from 25 years in 1983 to 56 today.

If you go...

What: Utah Down Syndrome Foundation Buddy Walk.

When: 11 a.m. Sept. 13 at Ryan’s Place Park, 500 S. 600 East in River Heights.

Cost: $10 for adults, $5 for children 16 and under. $25 for a family.

To register: Call Maria Leishman at 753-1357.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

BrynLee's First day of school!!

One of these days she will grow into her backpack....lol

BrynLee has been asking me when she gets to go to school ever since Braxten started, so it has been a long couple of weeks. But the day is finally here she got to wear her new school clothes and shoes today and she was very excided. She didn't have school until 12:30 and, of course, today she got up early. She had asked me every 10 min from 8:30 am until I told her to get ready, if it was time for her to go to school yet. She would say "2 more minutes?", "Now is it in 2 more minutes?"...lol She makes me laugh because we all know that she won't talk to her teacher even though she is so excided to go. Finally it was time to go and she was out the door so excided telling Kyler we were taking her to school. And sure enough she was fine all the way to the door and then she started to hide and be shy, rubbing her eyes and hiding behide me, so I had to just pick her up and set her in the house and leave. So I guess we will see how she was at 2:30 when I go pick her up....lol Oh and the best part is that it is just Kyler and I for 2 whole hours, and he takes a nap from 1:30-2:15...Yeah!!! Don't get me wrong I love my kids but I really like the quiet too...lol