Monday, April 6, 2009

Kylers 1st day of school

So now that Kyler is 3 he goes to the Preschool at River Heights Elementry. So he rides the bus (Yeah I' not his bus any more!!!) He was really excided to ride the bus until he saw that wasn't getting on the bus to. He decided to sit down in indian style so I had to just had him to the aid to pt him on. But he is having alot of fun at school it's just taking him a little while to like the bus, but I don't think it will take to long before he is running out saying "bye" and wanting to do it all by himself.

Happy Birthday Kyler

Kyler turned 3 on March 31st. So we went to my moms and we just had a little party for him. It was the 1st day that he felt better after being really sick for 5 days. I made Kyler a Spongebob cake.

Kyler had 2 peices of cake he loved it.

Kyler loves to open his presents and give the paper to different people. Kyler would keep tipping the cat on it's face and then copy it by putting his face on the floor and wiggling his bum in the air.

Kyler playing the electric guitar while listening to music

UDSF March Activity

For our March activity we went to the Fun Park and played at the Soft Play and had pizza. The kids had a great time and we had a pretty good turn out.
Bennet's family enjoying some pizza.

James's family taking a break for some pizza.

Kendricks family. Mom chasing her boys they really wanted to go roller skating..lol

This is Sherry (with up-to-3) she is the one who helps us with all of our activities.

Josh and the kids having some pizza.

Here are the 2 big brothers taking care of Kyler and James.

Brian being a good big brother taking James down the slide

This is James mom Maria (But we all Know her as Rosie)

Boy can James, hop this kid was hopping every time I saw him. He is so cute.