Friday, May 16, 2008

Welcome Home Elder Hunsaker

Well we went and got Will I...I.. Mean Elder Hunsaker, from the airport yesterday. It took us a while to find out where we needed to be to find him but we finally found it and then we got to wait for an hour because his plane was late. But everyone was really excited to see him. Oh yeah and he came back taller (He's the one on the right if you couldn't guess). After we left the airport we went to Chuck O Rama and got a bite to eat. It was funny this little boy (that was 15 mos. and twice the size of Kyler) wanted out of his highchair to come and see Kyler (who is 25 mos.) and he came over and said "Hi baby" and Kyler being Kyler signed 'baby' and then poked him in the eye. I told Kyler to be nice and then he signed 'Baby' again and said "Bye Bye" and signed 'Thank you' and the little boy ran back to his parents. I thought it was funny that Kyler is signing 'Baby to someone twice his size but anyway back to Will...lol After we got done eating we went and saw my Grandma Sharon for a while and visited. On our way back to mom and dads Will rode with us. We had a lot of fun talking about things that had happened and all the way home Elder Hunsaker kept looking out the window and saying Mountains with snow, blue skis and he would just say no really you don't understand how nice it is to see Mountains. (Will was in New Jersey) When we finally got to mom and dads it was 6 pm and Will of course had to hurry and get on a horse (I'm talking before he even went in the house) and yes before he got released from his mission. At 7pm he got released and then we just we hanging out and looking at his pictures. It was really fun it was really nice to catch up and have him home.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Family Day @ the Zoo 2007

UDSF April Activity

In April we all went down to the Treehouse Museum and had a picnic at a park. We had a lot of fun The Treehouse Museum treated us very well, they even read us a story and let the kids play instruments for parts of the story. There is so many things for the kids to do I don't think we held still the entire 2 hours we were there. After our story we all met at a park and ate lunch. It was really fun being able to talk with friends that we haven't seen for a while. James has been really sick this winter so we haven't see them for quite a while. This was their first real getting out for a while.

UDSF April Activity 2008

UDSF Christmas Party 2007

Buddy Walk 2007

Thursday, May 8, 2008

BrynLee and her first real riding lesson

BrynLee had her first riding lesson on May 6th at grandpa's house. She wanted to help me (mom) with everything she wanted to help me catch the horse "Bullet". She helped me brush him and she even helped saddle him, that's right she had me lift her up while she was holding her saddle and she threw it up on him. "It was so cute." Then she even wanted to get up on him all by herself, so I let her try until she finally asked for help. Well when she got on she decided she was in charge and she didn't care how big he was, so she kicked as hard as she could and he didn't care and just stood there. So grandpa got in there and started teaching her what to do and she did very well on her 1st riding lesson. She even had to carry her saddle to put it away. She might look small but she doesn't think so.