Friday, April 29, 2011


Day 1

Ok so we made it to Disneyland and we parked at our hotel because we couldn't check in for a few hours so we decided to go play at California Adventure for a while. We went to the Bugs Life where we rode some rides. Kinley has a love/hate relationship with rides she loves to get on them and when they start, but when they really get going she starts to get her scared face then when the ride is over she is smiling and says "that fun?"...lol it was really fun watching her. They also have this little train, thats the caterpiler from bugs life, and you go through different foods like watermelon and animal cookies and Kyler and Kinley loved this one. So while Josh and the older kids were on other rides Jill and I took them on that a few times.

We were also able to ride the Tower of Terror with the older 2 and I think BrynLee is the one that passed this love/hate with rides to Kinley...lol BrynLee loved the idea of riding the big rides but when the time came she would get really nervous and then scream bloody murder through the ride and then when we were finished you could tell she was very proud of herself for doing it...lol After going on a few rides and eating lunch and going to the Bugs Life 3-D Movie (Fyi Kyler hated it it was way to loud and scary for him) We went on Monsters Inc. this one Kyler loved. Everyone else wanted to go to the Muppets 3-D movie next door so I decided that I'd stay back with Kyler and Kinley while they all went to the movie and the two little ones and I went on Monsters Inc. 2 more times. It was really funny everytime we were getting close to getting on the ride they would both get so excited Kyler would sign "my turn" and yell "Yeah!" and Kinley would say "My turn, my turn?" When we came out the last time the others weren't finished yet but there was a live show going on outside and Kyler just started dancing,
and Kinley just wanted me to pick her up so she could see "Ah Mickey an a Mouse"...lol She loved all of the characters from a distance...lol By now we decided it was a good time to go check in to our hotel. It was really nice we were able to have a shuttle pass so we rode a bus everytime we went to or from Disneyland. P.S. this was Kinleys favorite ride. She always wanted to be the 1st one on and wanted to sit by herself and no one could help her...lol She would also always say "Bus where are you?" while we were waiting at the bus stop. Or she would say "Bye bus!" and wave when we were getting dropped off...lol Anyway our room was really nice we got a 2 room kid suite. There were 2 queen beds and a bathroom and t.v., then there were bunkbeds and their own bathroom and t.v. in their room.

Day 2

We got up and got ready and went to spend our day at Disneyland. We were able to ride alot of rides it was really nice too because we were able to get a wheelchair pass for Kyler, so we could keep him in his stroller to wait in lines for the rides, so we didn't have to fight him when the wait got to be to much, and in Disneyland they let us go in the exit so we didn't have to wait to long to get on the rides. I think we were able to ride almost all the rides (about 11 rides) in Fantacy Land in about 2 hrs. It made Disneyland a whole lot more fun when you don't have to wait in line for 1hr. for every ride ;) One of the rides Kyler loved was the Buzzlightyear one. We went on the Haunted Mancine and I forgot about the lighting in the room and all the lights going off. So I didn't warn BrynLee that was going to be happening and she about jumped a mile high, and I didn't have Kylers eyes and ears covered so he'd miss that part so the whole ride he kept signing Scary to me I felt so bad. But we did get to have alot of fun. When it we about time for dinner Jill and I went on the bus back to the hotel so we could go get some food. We took Kinley with us, because after all the bus is her favorite ride....lol and Kyler was asleep so Josh kept him and the older two. By the time we were able to get back to Disneyland it was almost time for the firework show, so we just sat on a bench by the front train station and ate our dinner and watched the fireworks. The problem is that I found out that Kyler is getting more and more scared of loud noises so I had to take him into the bathroom until the fire works were over or plug his ears the whole time. I really need to find something for him before the 4th of July. :) We were going to go ride a few more rides but as we were on our way to the rides Kyler and Kinley fell asleep so Jill and I took the two little ones back to the hotel while Josh and the other two stayed and rode a few more rides. Can I just tell you when you have to fold up 2 strollers, try and hold a sleeping 5 year old, keep ahold of a 2 year old (She woke up when we got to the bus), get on a bus and slide your bus pass it's not easy...lol (We're braking Jill in early to be a mom...lol) But we made it back and the kids to sleep. Josh and the older kids were able to ride a few rides and were back at the Hotel soon after us.

Day 3 and Last day at Disneyland

Rain?!!? What we didn't have an Umbrella on Sweatshirts just soak up the constant mist they call rain. But it was still warm! So Jill, BrynLee and I went to go see if we could find ponchos or umbrellas and we couldn't fine any ponchos but we did find 2umbrellas for $26 are you kidding me I just want a dollar store umbrella...lol So we went to Disneyland and decided to ride the Monarail hoping we could maybe wait out the rain. After that we went to wait for about 20 min. and the Finding Nemo ride which wasn't too bad because the whole line was covered. This was one of the coolest rides! It was worth the wait. By the time we were finished with the ride it wasn't raining to much and the rest of the day was great. We took the kids on the Autotopia "where they get to drive the cars" It was really funny because I had Kyler with me and he loved driving the car and took it so seriouse when driving you have to look at his picture. He was so cute. Braxten was pretty excited that he got to be in his own car all by himself...lol We finished up with all of the rides that we didn't get to in the 1st two days. After we had rode everything once we now had time to ride what the kids wanted to ride for the 2nd time. And of course that was the Screamin over at California Adventure. Luckly the line was only 15 min. wait and the merry go round is right by it so thats where the 2 little ones were while Josh and I took turns with the older two, to ride the Screamin. And last but not least we had to go on the Toy Story one again. So by the time we made it through that line it was almost time for a light water show. It was so cool they had the water turning all different colors and shooting into the air all going along with the music. They also would make the water mist going into the air and would poject different parts to Disney movies to go along with the music. One of the really cool ones that they did is when they had fire blowing up out of the water, for Pirates of the Caribian, we could feel the heat where we were standing. That was just the best ending for our last day. We now hurried to get to the bus because now the whining started to come because the kids were so tired and hungry. We left at about 10:30 the next day to come home and the ride home was so awsume....NOT!! Everyone was whining "He's laying on my ribs" "She just elbowed me in the eye" "I can't take it anymore" "Nobody loves me" I think you get the picture...lol I can laugh now. But finally after about the 1st hour being like that those two fell asleep. It was nice and quiet until Las Vegus and we stopped and found a McDonalds so they could run off some energy. The rest of the way was just "please let us get home soon!" And we finally made it to our drveway at about 1:30 am and yes I still made my kids go to school that morning because I figured they slep almost the whole way so they would be fine....I know I'm mean but if they would have stayed home they would have woke up about 10 min. after school started and been bored and driving me crazy until school was out and they could play with their friends...lol So over all yes we had a great time and alot of fun!!! But I want it to be a long time before I'm in the car with all of my kids for over 12 hrs. straight, twice in less than a week...lol

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Surprising the kids and going to Disneyland!

We were going to be driving to Hollywood to go to the Ellen Show, and we decided to make it a family vacation and take the kids to Disneyland. But we wanted to make it a surprise for the kids. So for the last week we have been trying to get everything ready. So I called their teachers and let them know that we were going to be picking up the kids Wed. after lunch and that they were not going to be back until Tues. So we loaded the van Tues. night after they all went to bed and finished getting ready Wed. morning after the kids went to school I finished with all the last minute stuff like loading the cooler and what not. Josh got off work early and we went and got the kids from school at about 12:30. When I showed up at the school the kids were really surprised and asked me where we were going. I told them that we were going to Salt Lake to a hotel just for fun. They were so excited that they were going to be able to stay in a hotel. After we drove past Salt Lake Braxten started asking why we had passed Salt Lake and what hotel we were going to be staying in so I then told them that we were going to be going to St. George instead because we wanted to go to where it was warm. So now they were excited to be able to go swimming and be where it was warm and not rainy. So now we were able to buy ourselves some time. Can I just tell you that this is about the best way to start a vacation because my kids were so good in the car. And then when we got to Cedar City we decided to stop and eat and let the kids run off some energy and let them know where we were really going.

So now we were in for a really long ride, only about 8 1/2 hrs., because you know when you are on a road trip with 4 kids you have to stop to go to the bathroom about a hundred times. We didn't get to our hotel until about 2:30 am and by this time all the kids had had a pretty good cat nap, and were ready to play, but can I just say the adults were ready for bed! Kyler didn't go to sleep until about 5:00 am.

But... Jill and I got to go the Ellen Show and had an awesome time we got to sit in the 2nd row from the front. Our show we were at will air Mon. April 25th. We also got to see Mario Lopez. Yeah!! Josh was awesome and stayed with the kids in the hotel and played games and watched movies with them, what a good dad. We are still in Hollywood tonight but we're going to Anaheim and going to Disneyland for the next 3 days. So stay tuned :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lots going on these last 2 weeks!

Will was teasing Kinley. And she loved it. Well lets start with my brother Will came home for his 2 week leave from Afganistan. He surprised us by breaking into our house Sat.(the 5th) night and coming out of his room while we were all getting ready for church Sun. morning. We were all excited and had alot of fun being able to see some of his pictures and the kids really liked getting some gifts from Uncle Will. I thought it was really funny that Kinley wasn't scared of him and has been stuck to him like glue since he got here. She always wants to go with Will and Jill in their car...lol Well I guess all the kids do...lol

The kids also wanted Will to come in uniform to their classes. Because they as a class have wrote him letters. So he went and did that on Thurs. the 10th. The kids had a blast looking at pictures and asking questions. Will did a great job and my kids were so proud of their Uncle Will.

Here are some of the pictures that Will showed the kids.

We also went to a Special Needs Mutual Talent Show and it was so fun Kyler loved holding up my brother Jakes phone when the kids were singing and Kinley just had fun dancing and going from one chair to the other. Braxten and BrynLee are old enough now that they look at the older kids with Down syndrome and try to picture Kyler when he's older. They each asked me if I thought Kyler would be in this talent show when he's older and how much fun that would be....lol

One of the meals we had while Will was here
Kinley wanted hot sauce so Jill put some on her plate and she loved it..lol .

The last day Will was here we celebrated Kylers birthday early and had everyone get together. We had alot of fun. On Mon. morning Jill and I took Will down to the airport. We made it down there in good time and said our good byes (that were not easy might I add) but on our way home we got a flat tire so it took us quite a while to get back home

Monday, March 7, 2011

Lots of things going on!!

Well I know it's been a long time but I'm going to try and give you a little bit of what has happened in the last few months. Let's see Will (my brother) and Jill got married, Josh and I had our 10th wedding aniversary, Will left for Afganistan, BrynLee turned 7, Thanksgiving, Jill moved in with us, Jake (my brother) and Crissy are going to be having a baby, Braxten turned 9, Christmas, my mom turned 50, Kinley turned 2 and started potty training, Kyler is kinda potty training (when he wants that is), got new furniture for the 1st time(and not just new to us furniture..lol), Kyler had eye surgery so now his eyes are not crossed any more, Will came home for his 2 week leave. I think that has been our life in a nutshell for the last 6 months...lol I really need to get better at posting I really love being able to go back and look at my old posts you forget so much. Well here are a few pictures.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Time to catch up again

So we had our 4th Buddy Walk for Cache County on Sept. 11th, 2010.

It went really well. We had it at a new park and we had food donated from Texas Roadhouse and Olive Garden which was great. We also had Creamies donated. We had Big Blue come! Which is new. And we had our first 5K. We also did a flag ceremony and moment of silence for all of the people who lost their lives in 9-11 and for all of the Military who have and are fighting for our freedom. It was alot of fun but boy am I glad it's over...lol

Big surprise I'm on the phone!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Buddy Walk!!!

5K 10:00 am
Buddy Walk 11:00 am
September 11, 2010
450 North 100 East Millville, Utah

*Lunch catered by Texas Road house!
*Dessert by Casper’s Malt Shoppe
*Star Wars characters
*Big Blue is coming!!!
*Bounce Houses
*Kids Games
*Raffle (hundreds of dollars worth of prizes)
*All proceeds benefit our “Buddies”

Come support the local Cache County Down syndrome group! Bring your friends and family!

Registration fee includes a Buddy Walk bag for kids, an event T-shirt for adults, lunch, games, and activities.

Questions? Call Maria 753-1357 or 512-3625