Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fun Day

Fun day with friends

Today we went down to Ogden and met up with some of my best friends Kenna and Tiffany. I have been friends with Tiffany ever since Kindergarten and I have been friends with Kenna since 6th grade when she moved to Perry. I am finally not the only one with kids so we now have more in common again, I think it will be great to get together more and let our kids play. Tiffany has a little boy, James, who is 1 and Kenna has a little girl, Tallia, who is 4 months old.
We went to a park and had lunch and let the kids play for a while, and there were ducks and they didn't even chase the kids they had alot more fun feeding the ducks today then yesterday...lol I think one of the funniest things was when BrynLee was trying to help Braxten climb a tree. And then when Josh went and finally helped them get into the tree BrynLee started crying because she was scared. After that we got ready to leave because it was sooooo HOT! So Tiffany took james home, he was so ready to take a nap and she said he was asleep after about 5 mins. in the car. And we were taking Kenna and Tallia home and desided to stop and get ice cream, then we went to her apt. to eat it and I guess the kids went so they could play on their stairs...lol The kids also had a really fun time holding Tallia yes even Kyler, it was so cute.

A fun day with the animals

Yesterday we went to look at the animals for Kylers early Headstart activity. We have been working on Kyler saying his animal sounds for about 5 months now and last week when I said "Holy Cow!!" Kyler piped up and said "OOOOOO" while holding his ear, trying to sign cow. If you look close he is doing it in the picture.

Kyler on "Bullet", Drews horse, Kyler loves the horses as soon as we get to Grandpa and Grandmas he signs horse and grandpa.

I think all the kids had a fun time even though we see them all the time this time we took the time to talk about all the animals.

We went over to the Wellsville Pond and the ducks are crazy as soon as we got the bread out of the bag they started atacking us. Kyler kept throwing the bread right by my feet so I had to help him give the bread a little more distance, the ducks were biting my feet.

Poor Braxten couldn't throw his bread fast enough he was running backwards and they were right there untill his bread was gone.

Now BrynLee was a differant story as soon as we got there the ducks atacked her she was screaming and one really hungry duck got her fingers. So she spent the rest of the time at a safe distance, on the table.

I thought this was a nice picture of the kids with the duck. The kids had alot of fun even though the ducks were so agresive they were mad when the bread was gone.

These ducks were crazy they would not quit fighting.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kids playing in the backyard

This is how Kyler starts.....
....and this is how it usually ends

Braxten loves jumping out of the swing like a "Karate kid"

BrynLee dancing around at the top of the swing set.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kyler got his Tonsils out today.

Kyler got his Tonsils out today.

Well Kyler got his tonsils out this morning and got his 2nd set of tubes put in. Well when we got there he was really happy he was running around and escaping from his room with me running right behind him. Josh didn't even have to ask which room we were in because Kyler went running out of his room and down the hall right when he got there. Well while we were waiting for our turn Kyler was just playing with his book and car, and spinning round and round. When it was finally time, the guy came to tell us what all was going to go on and to take Kyler back. Kyler ran right up to him signing grandpa and climbed right up and gave him a big hug. Kyler was only gone for 45 min. and when they brought him back it was not the little boy I sent he was so mad (Not that I blame him) and flipping around. It took a few min. of me holding him and he calmed down and went to sleep. But they wanted him to drink some water or suck on a popsicle and he was having none of that. As soon as we would try to put the bottle of water in his mouth he was throwing himself back and crying and pushing the bottle away. After about a half an hour we tried a popsicle and all we had to do was touch the popsicle stick and he would cry, as soon as we took our hand off he would stop. Well they ended up sending us home without him drinking at all.
After we left the hospital Kyler fell asleep so Josh and I desided to get some lunch and go to his grandmas house and eat, before he had to go back to work. So we let Kyler sleep while we ate and when Kyler woke up he desided he wanted to eat. He had some ice cream and he drank a little milk he also had a little bit of mashed potatoes. He was running around and playing like nothing even happened so I was hoping this was going to last. But ofcourse after we came home and he watched 20 min. of Signing time the mad Kyler came back and so we rocked for a while until he finally went to sleep. And this is where he is right now so I guess that was our day so far. Let's just hope we have a good night.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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Nibley Heritage Days

I forgot that I had Pics. of when we were in the Nibley Heritage Days Parade and we also did a booth on the 21st of June. We had alot of fun in that parade also the kids still love throwing the candy and we met alot of people at the booth after the parade. It took Kyler a while but he finally fell asleep in a camping chair for an hour or so. Braxten found himself a little girl friend, and BrynLee just helped with the games. Sherry Joy (From the up-to-3 program) came and helped at the booth and was in the parade with us also. It was alot of fun but really HOTT!!!!!

Braxten for 2 weeks also practiced to be in the Nibley Childrens Play "Pirate of Penzance". He was a pirate and had alot of fun. They got to perform it on the 19th and the 20th of June.

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4th of July 2008!!!

Well on the 4th the UDSF Cache Valley Chapter was in the Hyrum Parade and we had a great time thie kids were having alot of fun throwing candy at everyone. All the people were just cheering as we came by.

As a family later that night we drove down to Brigham for their firework show and these were the loudest fire works we had been to in the last 3 days (on the 2nd we went to the Hyrum Fireworks, on the 3rd we went to the Logan Fireworks so we had our share of fireworks this week...lol) and these were the ones Kyler liked the most he yelled and was laughing the whole time. Then on the 5th we went to the Cache Valley Crusie-In Parade and I could not believe how much Kyler loved the really loud cars as they went by, he was yelling and clapping the whole time. Braxten and BrynLee just wanted to know when we were leaving as soon as we got there. For some reason a 4 year old girl and a 6 year old boy don't think sitting in the sun and watching old cars go by is very fun...lol Well I hope everyone had a great 4th of July.