Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas morning 2008

Well Jake and Crissy slept over so they could see the kids Christmas morning. And the part that I think is the funniest is that it was BrynLee this year that was the most excited. She woke up at 2:30 a.m. and I guess she woke up Braxten and big surprise Braxten wasn't happy with what he got he said "I hardly got anything I'm going to go back to bed" So help me if this kid survives this Christmas....lol But BrynLee on the other hand she loved everything. The kids said that they were going to go back to bed and BrynLee was going to sleep in Braxtens room but at 4:30 she comes in to my room and wakes me up to tell me "Mom Kyler is so lucky he got chips in his stocking" I said "well that's because he doesn't eat candy. Did you ever go to sleep?" And she said that she didn't so she was up all by herself for 2 hours doing I don't know what. So I started a movie and Jake came out and layed by her for a while. I finally got up at 6:30 and got everyone up at 7 so we could get going. We opened presents and got all ready and went over to mom and dads for breakfast and to open the rest of the presents.

Here is what BrynLee got from Santa. She carries that tiger everywhere. She keeps reorganizing everything in her cupboard over and over....lol

This is what Braxten "hardly got anything" from Santa...lol He got a magic kit and a scooter that he really likes now. Everything isn't just crap...lol

This is some of what Kyler got, if you can't tell I didn't realize I didn't get pictures until today so everything is a little scattered all over the house.

Something that is really cool is on the night of the 23rd. Kyler slept in a big boy bed and stayed there all night and has every night since, all but Christmas eve. Yeah!!!

Now for Christmas 2008

We started out with Grandma Lou's Christmas party on Friday and the kids had alot of fun.

BrynLee finally felt good enough to open her presents.

Kyler has really liked opening presents this year it has been really fun to watch.

After Grandma Lou's Party it was Grandma Marleens on Saturday. But I for got our Camera so I don't have pictures. But Kyler was really having fun showing off his signs and dancing for eveyone...lol
After that was had a party at Kevin and Launa's on Sunday. We had pizza and watched Christmas Vacation and then later that night we hooked up the web cam and Ashley and Riley joined the party from Wissconsin. The kids had alot of fun seeing each other on the T.V. We all opened our gifts and can I just say Braxten needs a swift kick in the butt. He got "Clothes" and "Junnie B. Jones Books" and was he mad. He was so mad and I just told him to tell grandma and grandpa thanks and he just kept pouting and and saying little shoty things but then Grandma haded us our family gift witch was a Wii. Now he was happy but do you think he could show it no way he said "Oh wow a Wii" I was so mad I told him "ok than just give it back". He looked at me and said "no way" so I told him "then go tell grandma and grandpa thanks for all of your gifts". I swear somedays it makes you wonder why they say the things they do. And the really funny thing is is that he is really happy that he got the books, he keeps looking at them.

Jake and Crissy got married and Poor BrynLee was sick

On the 17th Jake and Crissy got married in the Salt Lake Temple. We all stayed at a Hotel Tuesday the 16th because they were getting married early Wednsday. It was kinda funny though the sealler messed up 2 times and finally on the 3rd time got everything right. So I'm sure thats one thing they will remember forever.

After the wedding we all went outside for picures, and big surprise I was having contrations all day so I couldn't chase Kyler so my aunt Karen said "oh don't worry about it I'll watch him." I laughed and said "ok but do you have your running shoes." She didn't beleive me untill about 2 seconds later....lol While we were waiting for Jake and Crissy Kyler took Karen all the way around the Salt Lake Temple and climbed up the stairs and Karen had a hay day taking pictures of Kyler (I think she filled up the memory on her cell phone...lol)

While we were there BrynLee was starting to not feel good at all so after a few pictures Josh and I and the kids all left to go to Harriman for the lunchen. So by the time we got there BrynLee was really not feeling good she had a fever and just slept in a corner at the Church though the whole lunch. After everything was done with the Lunchen we all went to Sandy for the reception.
I loved this picture of my dad it just shows everyone that this is just who my dad is...lol

BrynLee slept the whole way there and all throught the recepion I felt so bad for her she was so excided for the wedding and she didn't get to enjoy any of it.Poor BrynLee you can just tell she feels like crap.
After the recepion we started on out way home and on the way we pulled off at Target in Layton to gab something for the kids to eat. Well let's just say it was a dang good thing we pulled off right as we got in the Parking lot BrynLee started throwing up. This poor girl, I knew it was the start of another UTI this is what always happens she quits eating doesn't feel good and get's a high Temp. and then starts throwing up. BrynLee hadn't eaten anything since Tuesday at noon. So we finally made it home so I could see how high her temp was and it was 103 so we did the tylenol and motin thing all night until we could take her in to the Urinaligist and have her checked. Well it took us 45 min to finally get a sample and they told me "well there is something going on, but I don't think that's what is making here so sick so just take her to her regular Dr. tomorrow and have her checked." I was so mad like I don't know my kid, we have only done this 3 or 4 times and everything is the same I know that it was a UTI and now we have to wait a whole day before we can start her on anything to start taking care of it.....GGGGRR So I called first thing in the morning and got in to Dr. McKenna and big surprise BrynLee had lossed 1 1/2 lb. in 3 days. Dr. McKenna said "well I guess we will just start her on some meds." (The Urinaligist wanted me to wait until Mon. before we did anything....GGGRR) So the really sad thing is that the only thing that makes her start feeling a little better right away is a Rosefin shot. Ok now BrynLee is a little girl but when she sees you are going to give her a shot it takes at least 2 nurses and me to hold her down. And then the really sad thing is that it didn't work right away this time so we had to go in on Sat. and do it again because she threw up her Meds. But by Sunday she was fianlly feeling better. So at least she wasn't sick for Christmas. And now she is making up for lost time she has been eating like a horse, thank goodness.

UDSF Christmas Party

On the 11th we had our UDSF Christmas party. We had a pretty good turn out. We had Pals come and preform, and can I just tell you how much Kyler loved it. Than we all ate and Santa!!! came Kyler was up dancing and singing with him it was really funny.

Lidia she is so dang cute.


Kyler watching Pal's ( He might have helped a few times by singing along...lol)

We had alot of fun. There are more pictures but I can't get them on right now so stay tuned.

Now for the sad news.

The day after Braxtens Birthday we found out that our neighbors (Curtis and Tami Andersen) that live 2 houses down were in a car accident in the canyon and were both killed and so was a little 9 year old friend (Hanna Roach). Both of their kids some how survived, the little girl Kylee (who is BrynLee's age and they always play together) was life fighted to Primay Childrens with a broken ankle, broken femer, broken wrist, bruised ribs and a small crack in her skull. She had surgery that night and is in a body cast from the waist down. Her little brother Jaxon was taken to Brigham City Hospital but came away with just scrapes and bruises. It was really hard because we found out about all of this right after Alex's Baptism and by the time we got home it seemed like everyone already knew about it.
After we were home for an hour or so we saw the Channel 2 News truck outside Curtis and Tami's house. I was so mad I didn't want them taping their house and then going and bugging their family with questions "hello they just lost their kids the day before and just became parents of a 5 and 2 year old over night). But Ty Perry (the reporter) came down and said we just want people to know what kind of people they were and we don't want to bother the family at this time so Josh and our neighbor Shelly talked to him and were on the 10 news.
It has been really weird trying to grasp this whole thing of, you can be here one minute and gone the next. It's not like we didn't already know that but when it happens so close to home it makes you look at things a little differtly, and hold your kids a little tighter.

Ok I am really behind so here we go.....Braxten's B-day

On Dec. 5th it was Braxtens 7th Birthday and we had Josh's family over for cake and ice cream. The only thing Braxten would tell me that he wanted was a Webkins, so that is what we gave him and he was soooo excided. And of course he got really spoiled with all the presents he got.

Braxten and Alex, his best friend next door, have the same Birthday Alex is just a year older. So we got to go to Alex's Baptism on the 6th and Braxten got to get a little preview for what's to come next year.