Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kinley Grace Leishman

On Jan. 19th 2009 Kinley Grace was born at 8:20 pm. She was 7 lbs. 1 oz. and 19 inches long. She is very healthy and has lots of hair. (Yeah I finally got a gene in there...lol This is our 1st one with lots of dark hair) She also eats really really well. (This is a huge thing for us.)

On Tues. the 20th the kids came up to see her and can I just tell you how happy they are to finally be able to hold their little sister.
First was Braxten - He had to undress her from head to toe and look at everything. He took off her socks so he could see her toes and he wanted to see her belly and her ears and her "tiny hands"..lol It was so funny to see how interested in every detail he was and still is, I have to keep telling him to leave her clothes on, whenever he holds her...lol

Next was BrynLee - She is so excited to have a little sister. She couldn't quit smiling. She has to keep telling and showing us what she can do by herself. Like picking her up all by herself with us yelling "wait you need help". We have to keep reminding her that she is a baby not a doll...lol She also wants to know why I get to hold her and feed her more then she gets to, so I had to inform her that I'm the mom and she is the sister and that's why...lol Let's just say we have lot's of "helping hands" at our house...lol

Now it was Kylers turn - He has really suprised me I thought that he would hold her for min. and then be done. But he has been more interested then I thought that he wouls be. He has also been really careful (most of the time that is..lol).
When he came to the hospital he signed "want baby" so we sat him in the chair and he held her really soft, but when other people were holding her he would try to grab her to hold her so we have to watch him. He is still pretty interested at home when someone is holding her.