Sunday, November 23, 2008

What a Tuesday

This is a little late but this is the first time I have had time to post it. So we started the day with me having contractions that would not go away, yes I am only 29 weeks. Then I had to have Braxten to the Dentist by 7:30 am to get a tooth pulled. So I got all the kids up around 6:45, yeah they were all very happy about that..not! After we got Braxtens tooth pulled we went to Lee's and got donuts for breakfast.
Yes I was having contrations this whole time. I then took Braxten to school and then came home for a couple hours.
I then had to be to my Dr. apointment at 11:15 am. So I talked to the Dr. about my contrations, (that put me in Labor and dilivery Sat. because they wouldn't stop and they were getting more frequent and hard), and she told me that because they did a test that is 98% acurate if it is neg. that you won't have the baby in the next 2 weeks and it was neg. that she wasn't really worried. So she put me on some meds. to help stop that contrations.
We then had a Dr. apointment for BrynLee at 12:30 pm. She had been coughing though any cough med I would give her and it was waking her up at night. So we went to that and BrynLee was so good I told her that if she was really good and would let the dr. look in her ears and her thoat then she could have some gum. Now you need to understand the poor girl has had 2 UTI's in the last 2 months that have been so bad that she has had to get a shot so that they wouldn't go into her kiddneys. So she has not been the eaisiest kid to have at the dr. lately. So when the dr. came in and she didn't even make a fuss, and she opened her mouth and said AAAHHHH the dr. just looked at me and said "Wow". I just told him "well if we act good then we get gum". She even gave him high five. So after we were finished at the dr. we finally went home to rest. And yes I have still been having hard contrations this whole time. So after we get home I took the med. to help stop the contrations and put Kyler down for a nap and BrynLee watched a movie. The meds. seemed to help a little. By this time Josh and Braxten had come home.
BrynLee and Braxten wanted to go outside and play @ 4:30 pm, but within about 10 mins. Braxten came running in the front door screamming "mom, mom BrynLee!!!" We all know that is never good, BrynLee was screaming with blood dripping from her head and Braxten just kept saying "I didn't mean to". So I hurried and called the dr. office at 4:40 pm and they close at 5:00 to see if they could now see BrynLee for stitches. They said if we came right now then they could. So before we left I asked Braxten what happened and he said it was a rock, so I told him to go get the rock. He came back with a rock the size of a softball, I couldn't beleive it. I asked him what happened and he said that he was holding it and was spinning in a circle and let go and then it hit BrynLee. So Braxten and Kyler went to the neighbors and we went to the Dr. for 14 stitches. The poor dr. said she "was so good today I hate to have to do this. It is like going 50 steps backwards".
But we made it though it and by this time my meds. were suppost to be wearing off but instead I was getting really light headded and dizzy. I knew it would most likely make my blood preasure low, but not when it was almost time to take another one. So as the night went on the worse I felt and the contrations started coming. but I didn't dare take another one because I didn't know how low it was making my blood preasure. So after the kids were all in bed I went to bed and I couldn't sleep well at all because I just felt so bad from the med. so I was up at 3:00 am. It took until 11:00 am Wed. before the med. finally wore off and I took it at 1:30 pm on Tues. So that was our crazy Tuesday.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Family Movie Night!!

Friday we decided to have a family movie night. So after dinner Braxten went and got I swear about a 1000 blankets and spread them on the floor to make a nice and cozy bed for BrynLee, Kyler and himself. He had it all nice and then the little tornado came and he wanted in on the action of course...lol So after everyone was settled (for a min. anyway) we started the movie "Cars". Kyler loved at the beginning listening to the cars going around the track, he kept saying "vvwweeee!!" over and over. But after that he was done with the show and he came over and signed Signing Time, I know big surprise...lol But over all it was fun Josh, Braxten and BrynLee had fun watching the show, and I had fun falling asleep.

The kids watching Cars.

As you can see Kyler didn't last long....lol

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

On Tuesday I took BrynLee and Kyler to the Pumpkin Walk.
BrynLee posing for the 2nd time because the 1st time she did this I looked up to take her picture and she wasn't there, she had fallen while leaning on the sign. And yes I am a bad parent and I laughed...lol

This is how Kyler spent the whole time at the Pumpkin Walk.

BrynLee loved the princess cut outs and wanted her picture with all of them.

We are starting our Trick or Treating at 1:30. On our way to see grandma Sharon.

I guess Grandma decided since it was Halloween she didn't need to get dressed. Well what can I say that is just my grandma.

Kyler kept running up and down the halls he thought that it was sooo funny. Then he started going into different rooms and making himself comfortable with his new friends.

Kyler started filling up his bucket. Let's just say Kyler got the most candy at grandmas.

Kyler kept trying to climb in this guys wheel chair.

Dad with his Little Devil.

Everyone at Grandpa and grandma Pitchers.

The kids posing at grandma Lou's.

They even have some crazy red eyes...lol

BrynLee has to mother Kyler wether he likes it or not...lol

Kevin and Launas house.

The Little devil has to copy his big brother.

This is how Kyler ended Halloween. I think we wore Kyler out.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

2nd BrynLee's 5th Brithday

On Sat. the 25th we went to the corn maze as a family and had a great time the kids loved the straw maze, it was all built up and there were tunnels under it. After letting the kids play for a while we went threw the maze a couple times and were out in less than 5 mins. So we went one more time, well that was a "Great idea" NOT!! we were lost and I mean we were lost for a while. BrynLee was board so she picked up a piece of corn and picked out the kernels as we walked. Kyler was just trying to not fall down. Braxten was the leader for quite a while then he was done with that and just kept saying "I just want to get out of here", I'm glad we all had the same goal in mind...lol Well we finally cheated and followed a dich out. We let the kids play a little while longer in the straw then we went home for a couple hours. At about 5 we went to my moms for BrynLee's Birthday. We had a house full and big surprise she got spoiled with all of her presents. We (our family and my parents) gave her a new doll set and a new baby and she loved it. She got alot of coloring and crafty things "which she loves, she could sit and color, cut and glue forever". She also got clothes and if anyone knows BrynLee she is quite the girly girl and she loves new clothes...lol

These are some of those proud parent moments. I love how Kylers big brother and sister will just take care of him without even being asked. And he completely trusts them.

BrynLee loves her big brother and Braxten loves his little sister, don't let his face fool you...lol

Aahh, look at Josh with his two boys.

Braxten had a little straw in his pants from playing on the straw maze....lol

By the end on the maze Kyler wanted to walk by himself.

BrynLee didn't think it was very funny when she started opening a box of diapers so we had to tell her that there was something else in it so she would keep opening this present. I love the look on her face, like are you kiding me...lol

BrynLee showing off her new clothes.

BrynLee loved getting her new baby set.

Kyler climbed in BrynLees doll playpen and was pretending to go to sleep...lol

On Monday the 27th we celebrated with Josh's family and had everyone come over to our house and had dinner and cake and Ice cream. And of course BrynLee got spoiled and got tons of gifts. I really love how close we are with all of our family not many people can say that. We had both of Josh's parents, Josh's grandma Lou and Grandma and grandpa Pitcher come. (That is 4 generations) I am just so glad that our kids get to know their great-grandparents so well. Josh's sister Karli and her little girl Lily were there also. (BrynLee and Karli share their Birthday, BrynLee was born on Karli's 17th Birthday)

BrynLee blowing out her candles.

Karli blowing out her candle....lol

"Catching up" 1st - Kylers new tube

*Before surgery*

On Oct. 20th Kyler went in to get his 3rd tube for his left ear put in. Yes he just got them put in in July and his left one fell out. But we were lucky enough to get a room with a t.v. and I just happened to have Kylers Signing Time DVD in the diaper bag. So Kyler was quite happy as you can see. It was the "Going outside" one so we now know grass, worm, caterpillar, flower, sky, wind, cold, butterfly, outside, and more that I can't even think of right now. Anyway the movie was just long enough as soon as it was over they came in to take him back, and of course Kyler went right to them with no problem. About 15 mins. later the Dr. came in to tell me everything went great, that was fast. Then about 10 mins. after that the nurse came in to tell me that Kyler would be coming soon and that he was back there happy. I was really surprised because usually when Kyler wakes up from surgery he is trying to head-butt anyone and everyone that is with in reach. But sure enough when they brought him in he was happy and signing "signing time" and looking at the t.v.. So as you can see from these pictures he was happy and watching signing time as soon as he came out and he was happy all day.
*After surgery*