Monday, March 9, 2009

Kylers 1st ice cream cone

Yesterday Kyler was trying to go to sleep at 7 and if you don't know if he goes to bed that early, when he isn't sick, that means I will be up all night. So to keep him awake I gave him his own Ice cream cone. Lets just say he loved it, what kid wouldn't...lol

Of course he had to put down his ice cream so he could say "Cheese"...lol

He kept saying "MMMMMM, MMMMMMM"

Family night bowling

On Friday Braxten said he wanted to go bowling and I thought that sounded like a really good idea. We haven't gone and done anything as a family for quite a while. So we went to the Fun Park, and it was cosmic bowling, can I just tell you how excided Braxten was to see everything glowing. Well the order of everyone was Braxten 1st, Josh 2nd, BrynLee and Kyler 3rd (they took turns) and then me.

Well Braxtens 1st frame he got a strike. Through out the night Braxten just kept getting spares I think he got 4 spares.

Josh was having a hard time until the very last frame then he got his strike.

BrynLee was having so much fun she wanted to carry her own ball up and do everything her self.

Kyler as soon as we got there got away and went running down the alley he made it almost to the pins.

But he did have a great time, when it was his turn that is. He would carry his ball up there and try to kick the ball, I had to keep telling him "no you need to roll it", then he woould sit down and roll it.

I didn't do to bad but braxten still kicked all of our butts. Braxten- 110, Josh- 72, BrynLee & Kyler- 73, and I got- 99.

Kinley slept quite well the whole time.

Kyler just kicking back

I walked into the frontroom the other day to see this. I guess Kyler figured if no one would get him some crackers he was going to go get it himself.

Every time there is a camera Kyler has to sign "cheese"

The real funny thing is that he had gone into the kitchen, then into the laundryroom and got into a cupboard, to get those crackers. He's a smart little boy I tell you!

Kinley has started smiling :)

On Thursday March 5th, Kinley started to smile she is still working on being able to do it all the time though. (It takes alot to get a smile ot of her.) This is one of my favorite milestones. I also just can't beleive how big she is getting last time we weighed her she was 9 lbs. 3 oz.